SounDroid Typhoon

    Digital Connection with iDevices

  • Digital Connection with iDevices
  • Maximizes the audio data by inputting the digital data and then analog-converting through the high-quality DAC, PCM5102.

    iDevice Upsampling

  • iDevice Upsampling
  • Upsamples the music on iDevices and provides high-resolution sound. 192kHz/32bit max.

    USB Audio

  • USB Audio
  • Transmits the high-quality sound by "Asynchronous Mode" that segregates the PC jitter.Supports 96kHz/24bit max. input.

  • DSD

  • DSD
  • Accepts 64DSD 2.8MHz native and then PCM-converts.88.2kHz/16bit or 32bit (PCM conversion)

    Optical S/PDIF Digital Input

  • Optical S/PDIF Digital Input
  • Supports 192kHz/24bit max. optical input (3.5mm round-optical connector S/PDIF).


Headphone output Variable Line output Digital output Battery

stereo mini jack

stereo mini jack

3.5mm S/PDIF


Rumtime Conpatible Devices

Approx. 10hours

iPod Classic 160GB(2009)、iPod nano(6th/7th generation)、iPod touch(4th/5th generation)、iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS、PCWindows8/7/Vista/XP SP3 or later.、Mac v10.5 Leopard or later.

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