What we put into our products

At VC, we want to show our specialized craftsmanship of hobby products to the world. We develop strategic hobby products with unique VC innovation to separate ourselves from the large conglomerates.

The Paparazzi driver recorder and the iPhone amplifier / battery extender Go-Dap are breakthrough ideas devised by our CEO. Both products are made for car and music enthusiasts. Our gadgets are designed by carefully gauging the state of the markets and as a result we create new markets to bring about as yet untapped market value.

While everyone seems to buy cheap foreign-made products and holds off on buying craftsmanship these days, many people want to invest their money in things they like, their preoccupations, or simply things that make them feel better. Nowadays, people will unstintingly pay for goods and services when the convenience and enjoyment of their favorite items trump economizing.

Thinking about the meaning and purpose of hobbies and ways to make our lives richer and more enjoyable is the starting point at VC.

We do not try to copy the large corporations or our competitors. At VC, our spirit drives us to ensure the world-renown reliability of made-in-Japan craftsmanship by developing winning products based on innovation and inspiration.

Venturecraft Inc.