Product features

Go-Dap Unit 4.0

  • Unit 4.0 is a portable amplifier built into an iPhone4 jacket with an integrated recharging function
  • A stylish design that fits your iPhone4 perfectly
  • Listen to amazing sound quality through the digital headphone amp while charging your iPhone4


High performance digital amp built in

  • Source sound transferred digitally from iPhone4
  • Enjoy a full sound range that surpasses CD quality at 48 kHz with internal signal processing LSI for sampling frequencies at 32, 44.1, and 48 kHz

In addition to the digital headphone amp and recharger, you can use your Unit4.0 as a music server

  • Bask in the super sound quality by linking to your home audio equipment with the 3.5 mm TOSLINK (S/PDIF) connection
  • *Only available for optical output audio equipment

Variable gain settings

  • Use the DIP switch to change the gain (HI/LO)
  • No need to worry about which headgear to use
  • You can use anything from ultra-sensitive earphones to high impedance headphones


Large capacity battery to double your operating time

  • Play music and games using your Unit4.0 without worrying about when the battery will die

And you can still take pictures since we left an opening for the lens